carpet cleaning


We offer a variety of cleaning services including carpet, encapsulation, upholstery, and even tile!



Years of experience with strata and property managers has allowed us to offer an amazing service, easy to book and always spotless. 


Our approach to commercial cleaning is simple. We provide economical pricing, green cleaning products all the while ensuring the easiest process possible for our clients. 


Each home is unique, and we want you to have the cleanest space possible. Our aim is to ensure the health of your carpet, home, and family for years to come.


Our Cleaning Process

Stain Spray


The process starts with a plant-based enzyme pre-spray. This cleaner absorbs into the carpet, which loosens soil and dirt and prepares the carpet for a deep clean. 

The next step involves specialized stain removers which are applied to stained and problem areas. We have stain removers specially developed for all types of stains, from urine, to blood, water damage or coffee. 

For all commercial spaces - including office, apartment buildings, seniors homes and large spaces - we include a fourth step which involves a rotating brush, allowing us to tackle the most problem high traffic areas. 

The last step in the process is the extraction. The extraction process uses high pressure water with a dual vacuum to extract and clean the carpet leaving no residue and a sparkling finish. 



Guaranteed Clean!