Condo and apartment building


Maintaining your property is a dynamic job. Dealing with many on going problems is stressful, and we know that. We want to help make cleaning one less stress.
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Free Test Clean

For any new buildings, offices, or commercial spaces we offer a free test clean to show you the effectiveness of our cleaning method. 

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Easy Booking 

Flexible hours, and book allow us to work when best suited to you and your residents needs.

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Personalized Quote 

We provide on-site quotes to ensure the fairest price and best understanding of the job.

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24/7 Service

Emergencies happen, and we are there at all hours to aid in the clean up.

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Tailored Cleaning 

We can tailor the perfect plan to ensure the happiness of your clients, and protection of your investment.

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We've collaborated with strata and property managers for 15 years, and love working together.